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Support dropdown with multiple value in Redash, plus ALL value

09/09/2021 Redash

In Redash, there is a big demand for dropdown with ALL value. However, it’s tricky to write where statement for ALL value. This post is all about work-around this issue. Thank for my colleague - Trieu. All Credit to him.

[1] Dropdown Field
[1] Dropdown Field

The dropdown configuration is in the following image.

[2] Dropdown Configuration
[2] Dropdown Configuration

In the where section, condition statement should look like this one

(column_name in (SELECT unnest(CONCAT('{', '{{ redash_var_name }}', '}')::varchar[])) OR '{{ redash_var_name }}' LIKE '%ALL%')

(dh.importer_name in (SELECT unnest(CONCAT('{', '{{ importer_name }}', '}')::varchar[])) OR '{{ importer_name }}' LIKE '%ALL%')

In the script above, it cast to varchar[], if column typed uuid, change the casted type to ::uuid[]

And It’s all done, you are ready to go!