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About Me

My name is Nguyen Vinh Linh, I am the one who has a big love in programming. I used to be the president of RMIT Vietnam IT Club.

In the way learning programming, there are many knowledge which easy to learn but difficult to remember. This blog is written to solve this problem. There might be much general knowledge but they are all useful to note down.

The more you learn, the easier you can learn more!

If you want to give me a cup of coffee, this is my crypto addresses:

- ETH address: 0xE140B6CA85d3D2D6721730570bb26eCCbC22a4aE

- BTC address: bc1qkfy7dxaqh5ac7revvp0na6wlju35h0dsngtj8v

- XMR address: 89pb5h5j5KGavSJvT9gCehaLi4GzEnKq9SicvTEw2Bwf36NcjqC6GKLjKGpj13qNqoTP7xkW77bcHJ6g3ma3cBkhB8ADuy9

- ALPH address: 16ZcUrPRFafXdSjkTq5uWqkSrg6n5zwGB26pc7xrcjM7m