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Haivl mode for Conkeror

17/04/2015 Projects

This project is a project for hackday in Cogini company in 2014 1. Identify the page mode

					    $allow_www = true,
					    $tlds = ["com", "tv"]),
       {normal: haivl_keymap},
       $display_name = "haivl");

2. Declare css selector, relative variables

var haivl = {};
haivl.selector = {};
haivl.selector.nav = ".top-menu.left>ul>li>a"
haivl.selector.seemore = ".button-readmore>a"
haivl.name = ["New", "Unread", "Vote","Video","Hot", "SeeMore"];

3. Declare function to make a click action to DOM node

haivl.doClick = function(I, index ){
  var document = I.buffer.document;
  var button_array = document.querySelectorAll(haivl.selector.nav);
  if(button_array[index] != null){
  }else {
 	I.minibuffer.message("Button: " + haivl.name[index] + " not found." + "length: "+ button_array.length);
haivl.doClickSeeMore = function(I){
  var document = I.buffer.document;
  var button = document.querySelector(haivl.selector.seemore);

  if(button != null){
  }else {
 	I.minibuffer.message("Button: " + haivl.name[5] + " not found.");

4. Make those function become interactive

interactive("haivl-1","new feeds", function(I){
  haivl.doClick(I, 0);
interactive("haivl-2", "unread feeds",function(I){
interactive("haivl-3", "vote feeds", function(I){
interactive("haivl-4", "video feeds", function(I){
interactive("haivl-5", "hot feeds", function(I){
interactive("haivl-seemore", "see more feeds",function(I){

5. Reference I must say thank to Tran Xuan Truong, Quan Bao Thien To. When I write this bunch of code I don’t know much about javascript. In addition, regarding Conkeror technical issues, I gained help from Tran Xuan Truong who is a master in Conkeror Web browser and he is one who has a big love in programming. Thank you, I will remember the hackday.

Right now, It’s April 14, 2015. I note this memory to remember a day of doing new things, learning new things and of course, because it’s a memorial hackday. Even though, currently, the haivl.com has been collapsed,but this project still work with haivainoi.com