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Music-api, a web-service to work with online music source

02/02/2015 Projects


There is no need to descript more about the project, the main role of this project named music-api is to provide a web service for developers to exploit indirectly the song’s information coming from any online source such as ZingMp3, Nhaccuatui.

This project is an open source software, developers contribute and developer my project. This time, this is only two online source ZingMp3 and Nhaccuatui, however, the number source will be increased regarding developers’ demand.

The song information includes name, singers, lyrics, song's page and inparticular song's source for downloading.

Why does it work ?

Fundamentally, this service send a request to music oridinary servers, after receiving responses, it analyze the response (inspect elements selectively). After finished analysis, it send json object which inlcluding all song’s information. Currently, the web service is deployed at USA by heroku, Because of IP filter applying by VNG(ZingMp3), there are some songs which you cannot search. I have tested by using VPN locating in the USA, the result is limited.

Good news is that Nhaccuatui is very generous, they allow foreign IP to access all song, meanwhile, you can exploit from more songs.

How-to guide