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How to build Zephyr wallet GUI in .rpm package, aka Fedora OS?

25/04/2024 @ Saigon Mining Rig

1. Clone source code

Go to https://github.com/ZephyrProtocol/zephyr-wallet and do git clone

$ git clone https://github.com/ZephyrProtocol/zephyr-wallet

2. Build zephyr wallet client

Change directory to zephyr-wallet/client, install packge dependencies and build

$ cd zephyr-wallet
$ cd client
$ npm install
$ export NODE_OPTIONS=--openssl-legacy-provider
$ npm run build:desktop
$ npm run copy-build

3. Build zephyr wallet desktop app

Change directory to zephyr-wallet/zephyr-desktop-app, install package dependencies.

$ cd zephyr-wallet/zephyr-desktop-app
$ npm install

Modify the file named forge.config.js at line 90. Add a new maker named @electron-forge/maker-rpm. This config is a must for Electron Forge to build .rpm file. For reference, please check https://www.electronforge.io/config/makers/rpm.

  name: '@electron-forge/maker-rpm',
  config: {
    options: {
      homepage: 'http://example.com'

Now, it’s time to build rpm file, I do reference from zephyr-wallet/sh/make.sh

$ cd zephyr-wallet/zephyr-desktop-app
$ export NODE_INSTALLER=npm
$ npm run make -- --targets="@electron-forge/maker-rpm"

> zephyr@1.0.2 make
> npm run build && electron-forge make --targets=@electron-forge/maker-rpm

> zephyr@1.0.2 build
> tsc

✔ Checking your system
✔ Loading configuration
✔ Resolving make targets
  › Making for the following targets: rpm
✔ Running package command
  ✔ Preparing to package application
  ✔ Running packaging hooks
    ✔ Running generateAssets hook
    ✔ Running prePackage hook
  ✔ Packaging application
    ✔ Packaging for x64 on linux [11s]
  ✔ Running postPackage hook
✔ Running preMake hook
✔ Making distributables
  ✔ Making a rpm distributable for linux/x64 [42s]
✔ Running postMake hook
  › Artifacts available at: /home/***/Projects/zephyr-wallet/zephyr-desktop-app/out/make

The rpm file should be in out/make/rpm/x86/. Done!

For quick testing without rpm install, you can execute zephyr-wallet/zephyr-desktop-app/out/Zephyr-linux-x64/zephyr.

For rpm istall, you can run the following command.

$ cd zephyr-desktop-app/out/make/rpm/x64
$ sudo dnf install zephyr-1.0.2-1.x86_64.rpm

4. Screenshots

Zephyr Application Shortcut
Zephyr Application Shortcut
Zephyr Wallet GUI
Zephyr Wallet GUI