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Etica Miner Configuration

27/09/2022 @ Saigon Mining Rig

Step 1: Download miner & extract - lwYeo/SoliditySHA3Miner

In addition, install the following dependencies if need.

Step 2: Make a file name 01-mine-etica.bat

@echo off
pushd %~dp0

for %%X in (dotnet.exe) do (set FOUND=%%~$PATH:X)
if defined FOUND (goto dotNetFound) else (goto dotNetNotFound)

echo .NET Core is not found or not installed,
echo download and install from https://www.microsoft.com/net/download/windows/run
goto end

DEL /F /Q SoliditySHA3Miner.conf

SoliditySHA3Miner.exe ^
allowCPU=false ^
allowIntel=false ^
allowAMD=false ^
allowCUDA=true ^
abiFile=0xBTC.abi ^
contract=0xB6eD7644C69416d67B522e20bC294A9a9B405B31 ^
overrideMaxTarget=26959946667150639794667015087019630673637144422540572481103610249216 ^
pool=http://eticapool.com:8081 ^

if %errorlevel% EQU 22 (
  goto startMiner

Step 3: Make a file name 02-oc-etica.bat

nvidia-smi -lgc 1850
nvidia-smi -lmc 810
nvidia-smi -pl 220

Step 4: Execute 01-mine-etica.bat & 02-oc-etica.bat.