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Chia, How to plot on terminal?

26/04/2021 Mining Rig

This post is all about ploting on terminal. First of all, you need to determine the --farmer_public_key and --pool_public_key using the following command:

chia keys show;

Finally, run the following command chia plots create to plot:

chia plots create --size 32 --num 1 --num_threads 2 --buckets 128 \
     --farmer_public_key xxxxxx \                            # <--- modify here to your farmer public key
     --pool_public_key yyyyyy \                              # <--- modify here to your pool  public key
     --tmp_dir /home/nguyenvinhlinh/Temporary/Chia/tmp/ \    # <--- modify here to your temporary path
     --final_dir /home/nguyenvinhlinh/Temporary/Chia/plots/; # <--- modify here to your final path

For more details, please check command reference with command chia plots create --help;

Usage: chia plots create [OPTIONS]

  -k, --size INTEGER              Plot size  [default: 32]
  --override-k                    Force size smaller than 32  [default: False]
  -n, --num INTEGER               Number of plots or challenges  [default: 1]
  -b, --buffer INTEGER            Megabytes for sort/plot buffer  [default:

  -r, --num_threads INTEGER       Number of threads to use  [default: 2]
  -u, --buckets INTEGER           Number of buckets  [default: 128]
  -a, --alt_fingerprint INTEGER   Enter the alternative fingerprint of the key
                                  you want to use

  -c, --pool_contract_address TEXT
                                  Address of where the pool reward will be
                                  sent to. Only used if alt_fingerprint and
                                  pool public key are None

  -f, --farmer_public_key TEXT    Hex farmer public key
  -p, --pool_public_key TEXT      Hex public key of pool
  -t, --tmp_dir PATH              Temporary directory for plotting files
                                  [default: .]

  -2, --tmp2_dir PATH             Second temporary directory for plotting

  -d, --final_dir PATH            Final directory for plots (relative or
                                  absolute)  [default: .]

  -i, --plotid TEXT               PlotID in hex for reproducing plots
                                  (debugging only)

  -m, --memo TEXT                 Memo in hex for reproducing plots (debugging

  -e, --nobitfield                Disable bitfield
  -x, --exclude_final_dir         Skips adding [final dir] to harvester for

  -h, --help                      Show this message and exit.