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Using command 'sudo' without password

18/03/2014 Linux

In the daily work, I may have to type sudo your_command and your password many times, it costs your time, in my case, it makes me feel crazy. The solution is that, you will add command which you mostly type into a list, then, when you want to type it with prefix sudo it wont ask you for password.

You have to modify file sudoers in /etc/sudoers. For example, you want to run command such as “yum”, “apachectl” without passwor

#1. Find the path of those commands by using command which in this case, those commands locates in /usr/sbin/apachectl and /usr/bin/yum.

#2. Modify file sudoers

username ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD = /usr/sbin/apachectl, /usr/bin/yum

Now, you can run those command without password, REMEMBER, You still need prefix sudo

Command Alias, this feature will help you save your time if you want to assign group of command, for example, you have 2,3 user or group, it should be not convenient to type similar commands many times. Now, what you have to do is group them all, then use the command alias instead!

Cmmd_Alias CommandAliasName = /pathToCommand1, /pathToCommand2, /pathToCommand3
username1 ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD = CommandAliasName
username2 ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD = CommandAliasName