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How to install Flash for Opera manually

09/11/2016 etc

Since the documentation of Opera has been out of date, this article is all about installing flash plugin manually, I strongly believe that this can help you in any version of Opera or any operating system. In my free time, I have spent time researching on the resouce files of Opera and trace the directory that Opera use to read the flashplayer.so.

$ cat /lib64/opera-developer/resources/pepper_flash_config.json

  "PepperFlashPaths" : [

As you can guess, we gonna download flash plugin from its official site then extract into any of these directory such as /usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin/. You need to extract two files including libpepflashplayer.so and manifiest.json, it’s a must to copy manifest.json along with the libpepflashplayer.so. Remember to set extracted files with appropriate permission (chmod command).