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Chrome, Firefox, Conkeror redirecting to advertise websites

01/09/2015 etc

My browsers always automatically redirect to advertise website. That’s a pain in my ass. In particular, While I am reading software API, it change my current pages to another ad pages. Seemingly, someone did change my default dns to advertise dns server.

1. Change the DNS Set the current dns to google dns:,

2. Reset the Network Manager

sudo systemclt restart NetworkManager

After finished this step, firefox should work well

3. Remove cache in Google Chrome

## Go to ~/.cache/google-chrome
cd ~/.cache/google-chrome/Default
## remove file in Cache directory
rm Cache/*
## remove file in Media Cache directory
rm Media\ Cache/*

4. Remove cached in Conkeror

## move to dir of conkeror cache
cd ~/.cache/conkeror.mozdev.org/conkeror
## remove all cached
rm -rf *