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Highchart, forcing dual yAxis to have common zero

28/07/2015 etc

Highchart is a common javascript library which use to display graph with many beautiful features, however, there is a small need in use of highchart.js. It’s about having dual yAxis, and how to balance common zero between two yAxis.

There is no built-in feature that can help you deal with this solution but changing the min, max value via setExtremes() method.

I did write a small method which can help solve this problem, small but achievable. github

How to use

  1. Given that, on the html there is a div which is used for highcharts, this div is only for rendering graph for example $("#graph")
  2. After include the balancezero.js, you can test by running the command on the web console balanceZeroRoot(dom_element) or for example balanceZeroRoot($("#graph"))
  3. By default, there is exist behavior for show and hide plots, you need to modify those default behavior to work with balancezero.js. For each kind of graph, there is exist option name legendItemClick for example link
plotOptions: { // shared option on plottin the graph
  series: {
    borderColor: '#000000',
    pointStart: Date.parse(data.start_date),
    pointEnd: Date.parse(data.end_date),
    pointInterval: 24 * 3600 * 1000,
    groupPadding: 0, // group for each point on the x-axis
    shadow: false,
    animation: false,
    events: {
      legendItemClick: function(){
        if(this.visible == true){
          this.setVisible(false, false);
        }else {
          this.setVisible(true, false);
        return false;
  • In addition, there is also a need to load balanceZeroRoot() right after data loaded. There are many kind of graph, the code below is an example about chart type
chart: {
  events: {
    load: function (){


  • The demand to have common zero for dual yAxis has been there for 2 years link , however there is no good solution which fit for me even the one from the admin of highcharts, the plugin does not work perfectly.

  • Highcharts’s admin response: link, jsfiddle link