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Comparison of LinkList,Tuples, Maps, HashDict and Keyword Comparison in Elixir

01/12/2015 Elixir

1. Tuples It’s an order collection of values. There is a tip for using Tuples, a typical tuples has two to four elements

  • Once created, a tuples cannot be modified, the only thing we can do is matching(assigning) variable with new tuple.
  • If the number of tuple element is great,(probably greater than 4 elements), programmer should use Map

2. List (LinkList) The list of Elixir is link-list, there are some features/specification that you should noted.

  • It is easy to travel from head to tail, but expensive to get to particular element for example a[22]. You will have to loop via 21 elements.
  • It’s easy to add an new element to a link-list to the head or tail.

3. Keyword List Keyword list is a list of tuples of pair values. An example below explain the keyword list.

[name: "Linh", age: 2]
[{:name, "Linh}, {:age, 2}]
  • Keyword list allows duplicated key value, because in fact, it’s a list

4. Map Map is used to save collection with a pair of key and value. Unlike keyword list, Map does not allow duplicated keys. Accessing a map by:

states = %{ "AL" => "Alabama", "WI" => "Wisconsin" }