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File Transfer, first child of my programming life

03/03/2014 Projects

I write this program to transfer files between Window and Linux computer. I knew that there are a software which already solved this issue. However ,I believe that It could be an extra solution for you guy.

By using this software (required available LAN network), you can save time when transfer file to another computer.

1: Window vs Window, Microsoft support file sharing, It is absolutely good. However, setting FileTransfer as a plan B is a good practise

2: Window vs Linux, Linux vs Linux. Firstly, I write this software becaus e I am a full-time Linux user. During using time you could face a case tha t you want to share file, it should be wasteful if you choose to upload yo ur file to google drive, attached in gmail or any remote repository. Using this software saves your time and increases your performance.

Currently, this software allows users to sends file by once, if you want t o send again, press send again after sending completely, or open two progr am. Anyway, I will enhance this feature soon, and it depend on the demand of users or only me.

If you are interest in my FileTransfer, You can clone it with the branch “ master” I also attach a jar file. FileTransfer.jar. It is an executable jar file.

Known issue: The speed of FileTransfer is low, approximately 0.5MB/s. The reason is that I did not cut file into multiple parts and transfer it concurently, this software send file in only one connection.

Link Download: https://github.com/nguyenvinhlinh/FileTransfer.git

Enjoy it.