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Crypto currency projects & ports collection

05/07/2024 @ Saigon Cryptocurrency Node

This post is all about crypto currency project and it’s default ports. After a while, setup and deploy many project, this is a collection.

Name Port Description NAT port forwarding
Bitcoin 8332 RPC NO
  8333 P2P YES
Monero 18080 P2P YES
  18081 Restricted RPC YES (With Restricted RPC ONLY)
    Full RPC NO
Alephium 9973 P2P YES
  10973 Mining API YES (If mining)
  11973 WebSocket API NO
  12973 JSON API / Swagger NO
Kaspa 16110 gRPC for miner + Go Wallet NO
  16111 P2P YES
  17110 wRPC Borsh for Rusty Wallet Yes if want to allow remote wallet
Spectre 18110 RPC for miner + Go Wallet NO
  18111 P2P YES
  19110 Websocket for Rusty Wallet YES if want to allow remote wallet
Dynex 17333 P2P YES
  17336 P2P YES
Beam 10000 P2P YES